Digital Nomad Escape Plan: Chiang Mai Edition (2017)

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No matter where you roam in Thailand, this is a must-have guide for digital nomads. Learn everything you need to know to become location independent in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Updated March, 2017.

It ain't thin. Even in 2021, it's still very relevant --even the travel visa stuff.

"From cubicle to Chiang Mai, Thailand", sure. But also good if you aren't headed to Thailand. The Thai stuff doesn't occupy the entire guide.

Download the FREE companion Thai phrase cards here:

Emphasis on ESCAPE!

Life seems like a mess in the West. I hope this guide helps you figure out your next steps. 

It's full of things I wish I knew in the early 2000's, before the world went insane. When you read it, I hope you feel the sanity-redeeming vibes I'm putting out.

When Canada called all of it's chickens home, I took my chances. Oshin was pregnant, and I wasn't interested in Trudeau's style of governance during a pandemic. 

I've been in the Philippines throughout all of this lockdown nonsense, and life is pretty normal out here. It certainly isn't what you see on TV. 

Where I am; no lockdowns, no vaccine passport, no talk of mandatory vaccines, much less paranoia, neighbors aren't snitching when people come over.

I empathize greatly with Western readers for what you're currently dealing with and this book is a step in a better direction. It's actionable, and it's the best jump-off point into digital nomadism you'll find on the interwebs.

If you'd like to read reviews for this book, you can find them here:

Sorry It's Not Free Anymore ($2+)

Life is throwing curve-balls, so we had to start charging for this ebook (again).

When it was on Amazon for $14.99, it was a best-seller. Then it was free for years. A defacto guide.

We just had a kiddo last Autumn in the midst of all this pandemic silliness, so we're charging a minimum of $2. Pay what you want, and thanks for understanding.

If you do toss us a few shekels, we'll let you know when updates happen. I'm working on a new edition.

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- Mike

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Digital Nomad Escape Plan: Chiang Mai Edition (2017)

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